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Week 5 Fantasy Football Storylines To Watch: Giant Injuries Galore!

Week 5 Fantasy Football Storylines
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It may have been the head cold that turned into the flu or maybe it was the semi-appropriate amounts of Nyquil I had to take to sleep but something weird has happened. The New York Giants lost their entire offense to injury, but surely that could not occur. It must have been a dream.

Alas with a clearer mind I was able to deduce that in fact, the Giants lost every receiver to injury and that New England Patriots’ fans can breathe a sigh of relief. The G-Men are out of the playoffs.

Now I am not downplaying the impact of injuries in the NFL, I never want to see a player injured. But at this point in the season, it is shocking to see so many key players go down to big injuries. It may be a bad dream to some, others may feel relieved to avoid a tough matchup, but the injury bug continues to bite away.

No one is safe, and it is seemingly only a matter a time before another key player is stricken. A weird season filled with injuries and disappointments continues to only get worse as week five came to a close.

Week 5 Fantasy Football Headlines To Watch

Big Drop In The Big Apple

The stats were never pretty for Eli Manning this season, but owners could still hold out hope that that was in fact his breakout year. Now with Odell Beckham Jr. and Brandon Marshall succumbing to injuries, Manning’s targets resemble the 2006 New England Patriots’ receivers.

Manning will now be throwing to Tavarres King and Roger Lewis. Do not blush when I say that it is ok that I know you had to Google them to make sure those were real players. There is no running game, offensive line, or pass catchers in New York anymore.

Now there should be no more Manning on your Fantasy team. Bonus points for those who can tell me who Tom Brady threw to in 2006, without looking them up.


Rookies Continue To Dazzle

I traded Ezekiel Elliott for Leonard Fournette a few weeks ago and it has been a glorious trade. Well, at least it was glorious when I won this week due to Fournette’s garbage time 90-yard touchdown. He now has 466 yard and five rushing touchdowns along with 128 receiving yards and one touchdown.

If it was not for Kareem Hunt, Leonard would be Rookie of the Year. Instead, Hunt continues to build a case for NFL MVP. He has over six yards per carry and six total touchdowns. He is opening the offense up and allowing Alex Smith to play like an All-Pro.

Then there is DeShaun Watson who was 10 total touchdowns over the last two games. A few of those came in desperation garbage time against the Kansas City Chiefs but owners have seen enough to know that he is a legit QB1.


AD In The Desert
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It was a desperation move when the Arizona Cardinals last acquired a future Hall of Fame running back (Emmitt Smith). It is another desperation move when they acquired Adrian Peterson from the New Orleans Saints.

Figuring out that Peterson would not work out in the Big Easy should have been easy, but they still rolled the dice. Now that they have shipped him away to the Cards, Peterson gets a second chance at Fantasy relevance. Well at least until David Johnson comes back.

Peterson only has 27 carries on the season so he will come into the offense fresh, and should benefit from a more natural pro-style offense. Owners will hope that Peterson can rekindle the glory days, but that will not happen.

He is still the same over the hill back that owners should not trade for, or make a move to acquire. In a season where there are so many running backs hurt, Peterson is worth a waiver pickup if available. Other than that once again just avoid him.


Receiver Signals

Sorry for the bland title for this, but there are some clear signals that receivers are heading up and those who are heading down.

DaVante Adams seems to be the best target in Green Bay after a two-touchdown performance against the Dallas Cowboys. Michael Crabtree continues to outshine Amari Cooper as he is having an awful third season with just 118 yards and one touchdown.

Not a wide receiver but I will shoehorn this in. Ed Dickson was impressive yet again for the Carolina Panthers. Cam Newton continues to throw him the ball, hauling in 12 catches for 273 yards the past three games. Pick him up immediately.


Dolphin Disaster

Jay Cutler is bad, I mean really bad. Three touchdowns to three interceptions and just over 700 yards in five games in pathetic. It would be easy to put all the blame on him and I will do just that. Owners need to finally wise up and drop everyone on the team, save for Jay Ajayi.

The Cutler experiment has failed and the Dolphins have to suffer through it for 11 more games. There is no reason you need to do the same.

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