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Week 5 Who To Drop: These Guys Suck

Week 5 Who To Drop

Welcome back to another edition of our weekly Who to Drop series.

This week when I was choosing players for this article, I noticed a beautiful thing. At least in the 50-100% owned range, ESPNers are doing quite well. All of the players mentioned in past articles (save one, but more on that later) have dropped below 50% owned.

However, there are always new players. That is what this article is for. Let’s go through players who are owned in the majority of ESPN leagues who belong on waivers.

Week 5 Who To Drop

Patriots D/ST (50.0% owned)

The fact that they are still owned in half of Fantasy leagues is honestly a joke. This season, they have scored a total of -1 points. Yes, the are in the negatives. Please drop them.

Terrance West, RB, Baltimore Ravens (52.6% owned)

I thought Terrance West had some upside coming into the year, but now that the Ravens officially are bad at football, most of their players lost value. The running back position is still one to watch, but it seems as if those duties are split between Alex Collins and Javarius Allen now rather than featuring West. He can be dropped.

Donte Moncrief, WR, Indianapolis Colts (55.3% owned)

Without Andrew Luck, Moncrief is literally worthless. I don’t need to say much more other than the fact that he belongs on waivers.

Eric Decker, WR, Tenesssee Titans (57.1% owned)

Eric Decker has been a huge disappointment this season. I thought that he had big time potential, but none of it has come to fruition yet. He still has potential, but I would let another owner wait on him to blossom.

Jamison Crowder, WR, Washington Redskins (66.5% owned)

This one hurts. I loved Jamison Crowder this year, and although I didn’t love him coming into this year, I thought he would at least be solid. Nope. Feel free to drop him.

Tyrell Williams, WR, Los Angeles Chargers (70.1% owned)

This one is interesting. Williams was great last year, but that was without Keenan Allen. He was a boom or bust for me this year, and at this point I am leaning towards bust. He isn’t a must drop, but I would move on.

Jeremy Maclin, WR, Baltimore Ravens (79.4% owned)

I loved Maclin as a high-end WR4 coming into the year. However, the Ravens suck on offense now. It is a shame that a player of Maclin’s caliber has been wasted ever since he left the Eagles, but that is the case.

Mason Crosby, K, Green Bay Packers (83.3% owned)

Normally, Mason Crosby is a good kicker in a good offense that provides plenty of kicking opportunities. This year, the Packers offense has been good, but they haven’t given Crosby many opportunities and he hasn’t been particularly good when called upon. Since kickers are so easy to come by, I never like to wait on a bounce back. Drop Crosby.


Players From Previous Articles Who Still Need To Be Dropped

None! Huzzah! We did it!


Players From Previous Articles Who You Can Hang Onto For Now

Mike Wallace, WR, Baltimore Ravens

After being absolutely terrible through the first three weeks of the season, Wallace has caught his stride by scoring a touchdown in each of the past few weeks. I still would personally drop, but if you have him and you like him (and for some reason feel at least sort of confident in the Ravens offense), then I guess it is OK to hang onto him.



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