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Life can be as simple as a man and a kicking net.

Yes, Odell Beckham Jr. has returned to form, but more on that in just a bit. The other storylines that did not quite make the cut were those players who made owners hold their collective breath. Ben Roethlisberger looked like he could have suffered a significant knee injury but he did return to the game, ditto for LeSean McCoy.

It does look like Roethlisberger’s injury may be very serious, as he will have surgery. The amount of time he will be gone is still unknown. This kills Antonio Brown’s value.


Oh and if anyone had any doubts, Matt Ryan is currently the best quarterback in the NFL. Well, the second best behind Tom Brady. Side note: why do the Bengals always seem to take cheap shots? I digress back to Fantasy Football.

The Kansas City Chiefs ran the ball down the Oakland Raiders’ throat. That defense is bad, horrible, and putrid. Whatever adjective you want to put on them, teams will always score points against them (look for Blake Bortles and Co. to light them up next week).

Also my spidey-sense are tingling as just a few weeks ago I was high on Trevor Siemian, but it seems like defenses have figured out their offense, so beware. Yes it may hurt a bit but we are all wrong sometimes.

Now let’s take a look at the main Fantasy Football headlines from Week 6.

Week 6 Fantasy Football Headlines

One Small Step, One Giant Game


Eli Manning had 403 yards and three touchdowns. Odell Beckham Jr. had 222 yards and two touchdowns. As I told my friend this week, this was going to be the week Manning finally broke out. For the record, I benched him for Marcus Mariota.

This was what owners have been expecting from the duo for a long time, but they have been disappointing up to this week. While their stat lines will be hard to repeat on consistent basis, they seemed to have shaken off the early season rust.

They play at the Los Angeles Rams next week and after Matthew Stafford torched them, expect another great game from these two Giants.


Panthers? No Kitty Cats

A once vaunted defense now looks lost. The Carolina Panthers gave up 465 passing yards and four touchdowns to Drew Brees.

Yes, this is a defense that no team should fear and Fantasy owners should have no concerns going against. They lost Josh Norman, but the issues lie in a front seven that is not doing enough to get to the quarterback.

One good thing that came out of this game and that was the return of Jonathan Stewart. After missing several weeks, he posted 85 yards and two touchdowns. Of course that was against a Saints’ defense that rarely can stop anyone but it is a good sign for owners.

Do not expect anywhere close to what the Saints produced this week as they go to Arrowhead to face the clock chewing Kansas City Chiefs. If you have Brees, expect another road letdown.


Who Dem ‘Boys?


After years of being painstakingly average under Tony Romo, the Dallas Cowboys have found their franchise quarterback in Dak Prescott. He has progressed enough to be a decent starting Fantasy quarterback, and Ezekiel Elliott looks to be a Top 3 running back.

Owners will need to hold their breath as Tony Romo should be back after the bye. Jerry Jones should be smart enough to give Prescott the team but we never know when it comes to the Cowboys. If Romo returns, he should be a QB1 after a few weeks.

Dez Bryant will also return in Week 8, so this team is on their way up. The Green Bay Packers seem to be bogged down by something. Aaron Rodgers is having the worst start to a season in his career. Surely they will figure it out, right?

Owners should start to worry.


Not So Shady

140 yards and three touchdowns. LeSean McCoy had quite a day after making owners worry after he went down with what seemed to be a serious knee injury.

He ran the ball very well, as did the whole team. They totaled 312 rushing yards for the game as Rex Ryan finally seemed to have his team using the ground and pound style that he prefers.

As for the San Francisco 49ers, it is more of the same. Colin Kaepernick looked just as inept playing the quarterback position as Blaine Gabbert did. Well, at least McCoy invited some police to watch what turned out to be an embarrassing blowout.


Rapid Fire Predictions

  • Golden Tate had 165 yards and a touchdown. He will not even get 10 Fantasy points next week. Do not let this game fool you.
  • Rob Gronkowski had 162 yards and a touchdown. Expect him to come close to or exceed that against the Steelers as he has dominated them throughout his career.
  • Blake Bortles and Derek Carr will combine for over 750 yards next week. That will be a high scoring shootout.


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