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Week 6 Fantasy Football Storylines To Watch: The North Remembers

Week 6 Fantasy Football Storylines
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I will have to admit that Fantasy Football is a lot of luck. People always scoff at that notion, but the simple fact is that you can be the “best” owner but hit some bad injuries or awful matchups. I deem the game skillful luck.

So when I moved Aaron Rodgers and Odell Beckham Jr. a few weeks ago for Leonard Fournette and Antonio Brown, the move was lateral in terms of talent to most. Yet now just two weeks later I now seem like a future seer.

Fournette and Brown are one fire, OBJ and (maybe) ARod are on the IR. That is the beauty and pain of the sport. One owner lives, while the other owner seemingly dies.

Moral of the story is that owners can only do so much, but they still need to be smart. Find value and know when there is none. As the season continues on, it is time to find some waiver gems or look forward to 2018 for some.

Week 6 Fantasy Football Storylines

AP All Day
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The bye weeks ravaged my teams, so I was wandering the waivers; a man lost in the never-ending desolation of mid-season pickups. Then alas, I thought it was just a mirage, something to get my weary soul hope.

Adrian Peterson was dropped, and I could pick him up. I moved quickly and got him, leaving him on my bench in favor of Danny Amendola. Ok, yes we all make mistakes. No one though could imagine that Peterson would be this good in his desert debut.

134 yards and two touchdowns on 26 carries was a vintage Peterson performance. Fantasy owners can also smile because no other back had any significant amount of carries. This is Peterson’s backfield.

No Longer A Big Easy

The New Orleans Saints’ defense has been a joke for way too long. Finally, there seems to be a renaissance. They should have finally shed their identity as a Swiss cheese defense. That title now belongs to New England.

Seriously they let Josh McCown pass for 300-plus yards, and if not for a fluky touchdown reversal he probably would have led the Jets to a win. Sadly I digress, back to the Saints.

They are playing fast and aggressive, scoring three defensive touchdowns and harassing Matthew Stafford all game. This unit is no longer a pushover and owners need to adjust their expectations to an average defense.

Nothing special but now the Saints are no longer a truly 100% favorable matchup.

More Injuries *Sigh*
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I tried to do a catchy title, but this seems appropriate. Aaron Rodgers went down with a broken collarbone but could return for the end of the season. Jameis Winston and Trevor Siemian went down with injuries but neither seem to be serious.

If Winston was to miss time, there should not be any dropoff for Mike Evans, as Ryan Fitzpatrick showed that he can feed Evans the ball. Fitz is serviceable enough to keep Evans as a WR1. Siemian’s injury should not do much to hurt the Broncos, his game manager status dampened any Fantasy value for the team.

Emmanuel Sanders will miss time with a sprained ankle, and is week to week. The big injury for the week has to be Rodgers.

He will undergo surgery on his collarbone, and this is not Brett Hundley’s team for the season. Hundley looked overwhelmed when pressed into duty against the Minnesota Vikings, throwing three interceptions and the offense bogged down to a halt.

Jordy Nelson, DaVante Adams, and Co should all be downgraded with Hundley in. Expect point totals of around five as the norm for the rest of the season.

Bortles Holding Jags Back

Blake Bortles is keeping this Jaguars team from being a true playoff contender.

The good news for Fantasy owners, Bortles’ ineptitude forces the Jags to feed Leonard Fournette the ball early and often. He will be battling it out with Kareem Hunt for the top running back spot.

Outside of Fournette, anyone else on the Jags is nothing more than waiver fodder. Bortles is killing the team’s prospect and any Fantasy value for his receivers.

Watson Continues To Amaze

Deshaun Watson is the top Fantasy Football quarterback, and Alex Smith is the number two quarterback. For owners who have yet to buy into the hype, Watson is real and should be seen as the top dual-threat quarterback right now.

Not the best pure quarterback but in the Fantasy Football world, he is the golden goose right now. If for any reason he is on waivers, pick him up.

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