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Tell me you took my Week 6 Draft Kings advice! We absolutely crushed it. Matthew Stafford was hotter than a Kate Upton photo shoot and Stafford’s BFF, Calvin Johnson, also got it done.

DeAndre Hopkins continues to be the second coming of Antonio Brown and that Devonta Freeman fella continues to look like Ladainian Tomlinson.

It wasn’t all gold for us and really it never will be as we missed on the Eagles stack (again) and the Lions defense was okay, but nothing great.

Oh well, we look to continue smashing it like Lamar Odom at a brothel! (Too soon? Nope!)

Let’s get to the Draft Kings picks.

Week 7 Draft Kings Picks



Carson Palmer, Arizona Cardinals vs. Baltimore Ravens ($6,700)

This must be a cruel joke by Draft Kings. Baltimore is 30th against the pass and well #quarterbacklivesmatter. Palmer is going to be super popular this week and if you want to win a tournament, you are going to have to go off the radar. I’m projecting Palmer’s ownership rate at 40-percent; it’s going to be crazy! He will be on all my rosters in cash game as there is a ton of cap relief elsewhere. He is a great fade for tournaments due to popularity.

Ryan Fitzpatrick, New York Jets at New England Patriots ($5,200)

Fitzmagic was phenomenal against the Redskins. He gets a fun little match-up against the New England Patriots in what is the second highest Over-Under of the week. New England is 28th against the quarterback position and last week they let General Andrew Luck throw for over 300 yards. Granted, the Colts were in catch-up mode, but what if that happened this week as well? I’ll gladly take 300 yrads and two TDs from Fitzmagic any day.


Running Back

Devonta Freeman, Atlanta Falcons at Tennessee Titans ($7,900)

Blah, blah, must play in all cash games, blah, blah, lots of room to fit him in, blah, blah, blah. You’ve heard it all before. Just play Freeman. Fade at your own risk in cash.

Todd Gurley, St. Louis Rams vs. Cleveland Browns ($5,000)

No, this is not a typo. He is only $5,000 dollars on Draft Kings and he is even a bigger must play than Palmer. His ownership levels are going to be ridiculous as well. The Browns are so bad at stopping the run even the Broncos running backs can do it. Gurley will hit value by the 10-minute mark in the pre-game show. Get him in at all costs.


Wide Receiver

DeAndre Hopkins, Houston Texans at Miami Dolphins($8,600)

I’ll take stud receivers in the NFL for $500, Alex.

This receiver leads all receivers in the NFL with 90 targets, 15 more than the next closest.

Yup, it’s DeAndre Hopkins. Might as well draft him too.

John Brown, Arizona Cardinals vs. Baltimore Ravens ($5,500)

Sure, you can take Larry Fitzgerald and I have no issue with that except Brown’s price tag is $1,900 less. This is going to be a game where it might not matter what Cardinals receiver you have, just have one. Brown is going to be lower owned than Fitzgerald, so for tournaments I like him better, especially if you are playing prime time games.

Keenan Allen, San Diego Chargers vs. Oakland Raiders ($7,700)

Another great match-up this week as Allen gets a porous Raiders secondary. Despite the Raiders being 16th against receivers, this is a divisional game with shootout potential. This game has one of the higher over-under of the week. Now, we don’t expect Phillip Rivers to throw it 64 times again, but we do expect the Chargers to throw a lot given how bad their run game has been. Allen is $300 more than Fitzgerald so he could be a good tournament play.


Tight End

Derek Carrier, Washington Redskins vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers ($2,500)

I could pay up for Antonio Gates and really it’s a great idea, but I’m spending my money on Derek Carrier. I needed to make some savings somewhere and it’s right here with Carrier. We don’t know when/if Jordan Reed will ever be back so Carrier is the next man up. He is going to be involved as long as DeSean Jackson is down.



Jamison Crowder, Washington Redskins vs. Tampa Bay  ($3,700)

Yes, I’m recommending two Redskins in the same column. No, I’m not Tom McMahon. I like picking on Tampa Bay this week. Tampa Bay is 26th against wide receivers this season and after watching Jacksonville destroy them, I think the Redskins receivers will get plenty of action.



St. Louis Rams ($2,400)

The Rams are cheap and they are at home! They are also favored by 4.5. So, if they get ahead in the game they could grind it out and that means a low point total for Cleveland. Josh McCown has been okay this year, but he does like to throw some picks. I expect a lot of sacks from the Rams as well.


Other things of Note

  • The curious case of Christine Michael. Well, the most famous Fantasy footballer to never do anything significant may get some action this week. He makes for some great cap relief as he is only $3,000 and has a very nice picture. With a smile like that why wouldn’t you start him? A nice GPP play, but very risky for cash.
  • The Colts and Saints game has the highest over-under of the week, but the players in that game could be low owned, due to the obvious plays in Arizona and St. Louis.
  • Is this a great week to play cash games? With a lot of the players being selected in the Cardinals game, this is a great week to exercise bankroll management. I hate to sound redundant, but you have to be aware of ownership percentages in GPPs.
  • This is an excellent week to enter Thursday-Monday contests. The Thursday game is going to be trash. It has a low total of 42. Both offenses struggle mightily and it will be worth entering these contests as there may be a lot of entries who are stacking players from the Seattle and San Francisco game.

Good luck this week on Draft Kings!

As always, if I did well please follow me on Twitter. If I did not do well my name is Matthew Berry.

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