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Week 7 Stock Report: Wide Receivers Rule The Roost

week 7 stock report
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Welcome to the Week 7 Stock Report.  As the senior writers rotate once again, I will be your guide for the next three weeks.

Given the expertise I continually provide, you might think dispensing Fantasy Football advice has always been my primary job. However, part of my illustrious career includes some time spent at the asset management firm, T. Rowe Price. Asset management is just a hoity-toity way of saying stocks and bonds. But yes, I definitely have some familiarity of all that goes into buying and selling various investments.

And there were some very smart people at T. Rowe Price who knew far more about stocks and other investments than I did. But one of the things I learned is that no one knows what is going to happen. Anyone that knew exactly when markets and funds were going to drop or rise and were 100% right 100% of the time were likely sitting on their own private island sipping Mai Tais. But those that were a little less successful were still able to identify the trends that would continue for a little longer and those that were likely to end sometime soon. Sound like Fantasy Football at all?

One thing that is important to remember is what your investment goals are. Do you need to see some quick growth and therefore will take some risk to do so? Would you prefer to hold onto your assets and receive small but consistent dividends? Are there holdings that you want to liquidate before they become even less valuable than they are today?

You get the point. With that in mind, here is the Week 7 Stock Report.

Week 7 Stock Report

Week 7 Buys

Keenan Allen, WR, Los Angeles Chargers

As the price on Julio Jones continues to plummet, telling you to buy Julio Jones seems like a wasted breath. However, another player with a slightly higher cost that I do think you should buy is Keenan Allen.

Keenan Allen has yet to see less than half a dozen targets in any game this year. There is no reason to expect that number to drop and in fact, I would expect it to increase as the Chargers move on from the Buffaloes and 49ers of the league onto the more stout run defenses but less effective pass defenses like Seattle and Pittsburgh.

I also would like to remind you of last year when Allen also got off to a slow start in the touchdown department. All he did was score five touchdowns in the second half of the season to go along with four straight games eclipsing the century mark. The success is coming. Buy now while his owners are still frustrated. Just be aware that Allen still has his bye.

Taylor Gabriel, WR, Chicago Bears

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Of course my favorite strategies is to acquire a player once he has had his bye. Enter Taylor Gabriel. Gabriel’s price is likely already on the upswing, but he is currently Chicago’s most productive receiver and takes on the um … uh … questionable secondary that is New England.

Doug Baldwin, WR, Seattle Seahawks

Speaking of byes, the easiest time to pry a player away from another owner is during that player’s bye week. One of the best out there this week is Doug Baldwin. Yes, Baldwin claimed he wouldn’t be 100% all season. Great! Mention that to the owner currently holding him. Baldwin is a blue-chipper on the upswing. Similar to Week 5, Seattle had a big lead all game in Week 6, yet unlike the previous week, Baldwin drew eight targets and produced a solid 91 yards. Now is the time to buy Baldwin if you have enough receivers to get through his bye week.

Of course as one entity goes up, another must come down. Which brings us to the Week 7 Sells.

Week 6 Sells

Tyler Lockett, WR, Seattle Seahawks

This is simple ying-yang theory here. With Baldwin’s stock rising, sell on Tyler Lockett while you can. Lockett has scored five touchdowns in six weeks. I like Lockett. I even recommended him earlier this year. However, that TD rate is not sustainable. Lockett had all of 13 yards on four targets this past week. If you can stomach a floor that low, then by all means keep him. But take the profits you’ve enjoyed with him so far and reinvest elsewhere.

Marvin Jones, WR, Detroit Lions

We all knew that the transition from Marvin Jones to Kenny Golladay was coming. It’s here.

Cooper Kupp, WR, Los Angeles Rams

I’m not going to over-analyze this. Kupp has taken one too many hits to the noggin this season and with the next one, he could be in for long tenure in concussion protocol. If he stays healthy, he could be extremely productive. But if he’s not playing, he’ll be worthless. And it sounds like he won’t be playing this week.

That kind of volatility is one I would try to divest.

And finally, while no one is selling, some of you might be thinking about buying some stock in Nathan Peterman as he might be starting this Sunday and his price is a record low. Trust me, the Peterman Reality Tour is not one you want to take.


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