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Injuries are still taking over the headlines, but if you’re like me, you’re sick of hearing about all of them. Therefore, this is the only time you will have to read about them.

In this week’s waiver wire targets article, rookies rule the top spots. More on those players later, but dominating rookies is becoming a theme this season. From Kris Bryant to the most recent call up of Noah Syndergaard, rookies have been doing fantastic so far this season.

Now as proven by this article and some past articles where I have recommended rookies, I’m all for taking the plunge on rookies, just don’t go dropping a proven veteran for a rookie. They are still rookies, so there will be bad times mixed with the good. I will never recommend you taking an unproven rookie over a proven veteran, but there are plenty of players who you can drop for them.

All players I am suggesting are owned in 30% or less of ESPN leagues. Of course, if there are better players available in your league that are owned in more than 30% of leagues, by all means get them first.

Let’s get down to business and take a look at the waiver wire targets for week 7.

Week 7 Waiver Wire Targets

Carlos Rodon, SP, Chicago White Sox (Owned in 27.5% of ESPN Leagues)

As a Top 20 prospect, Rodon, dominated in spring training by striking out 21 in 17 innings. That performance earned him an early call up.

He started out in the bullpen, but now has been named a starter for the foreseeable future. As with most rookie pitchers, he may struggle with command at times, but the strikeout potential is there. So that means he will absolutely have some dominant performances. To me, the risk of a few dud performances is worth the upside he offers.

Jung Ho Kang, SS, Pittsburgh Pirates (9.6%)

The second rookie I wanted to discuss is the Korean superstar Jung Ho Kang. After crushing 40 home runs last season in South Korea, the Pirates signed him this off-season to a pretty sizable deal.

He did not have a good spring at all and found himself on the Pirates bench, lucky to see playing time. Horrible starts to both Josh Harrison and Jordy Mercer, Kang has now started five of the last six games and seen considerable playing time in 10 of the last 12. In those 10 games he has hit two home runs, nine RBIs while hitting .340. I really doubt he keeps that average up, but I think the power is for real. I believe he takes over the starting role for good from one of those two. Now is the time to buy if you are struggling at shortstop.

A.J. Ramos, RP, Miami Marlins (17.6%)

Steve Cishek has been awful this year blowing four saves, more than he actually has saved. His ERA has skyrocketed all the way to 10.32 as well. This has prompted the Marlins to take him out of the closer role.

In moves Ramos, who has a stellar 21 strikeouts in 17 innings pitched this year, along with a 1.06 ERA and 0.82 WHIP. I know the Marlins have not yet said who will be taking over the closer role, but I don’t see how it won’t be Ramos.

Brandon Belt, 1B, San Francisco Giants (25.8%)

Photo Credit: Dirk Hansen

I was all for dropping Belt early on after a miserable start and then an injury that seemed to be lingering.

However, that has changed over the last two weeks as he has swung the bat very well.

The power has not shown back up yet, but his .313 average over the last two weeks is a sign that Belt is rising again and the power should be coming soon.

Jump on the train before it takes off and you miss out.

Chris Colabello, 1B, Toronto Blue Jays (3.4%)

He’s baaaaaack! Colabello’s first month last season was both improbable and great all at the same time. Seemingly coming out of nowhere, Colabello hit 27 RBIs last season in the month of April.

This season he is getting his chance again with Michael Saunders hitting the DL and he is not disappointing with five RBIs in seven games. Even if it is only for a couple more weeks, that may be all you can even expect to get from him anyway given that he really faded after April last season. Pick him up now for a temporary boost in RBIs and batting average.

We think these Week 7 waiver wire targets will help you pick up more wins in the coming weeks, whether it’s in the standings or in Rotisserie points!

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