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Week 8 – there’s a ring about this week that I like in the pitching department.

You have your aces, who you’re going to run out there without caution. In Week 8, I’ve found five two-start diamonds in the rough for you to confidently play.

Much like Indiana Jones discovering the Golden Idol (minus the boulder that chases him), I’ve gone to the depths (sorta) of the pitching planner for Week 8 to bring out five pitchers you must play.

On the flip side of five pitchers to start, there are five that I advise you not to start for the worries that greed will get the best of you and your face will melt off like the Nazi from Raiders of the Lost Arc (you know, the one guy that wears all black and screamed like a little girl).

With that being said, grab your bullwhip, brown sable fedora, and don’t forget about that fashionable shoulder bag, and let’s swing over into Week 8’s pitching planner!

Week 8 Pitching Planner

Five to Start

Jose Quintana, Chicago White Sox (vs. CLE/@ KC)

The always solid Jose Quintana is FINALLY getting the offense to backup his great starts. In Week 8 we see some very tasty matchups with Quitana going up again the Indians in Cleveland and the Royals at Kansas City.

Sporting a sparkling 1.98 ERA and 1.02 WHIP to start out the year, Quintana is a can’t miss pitcher against a lowly Tribe offense and a Royals O that is wildly inconsistent. By the looks of Quintana’s numbers and the fact that the White Sox are actually scoring runs behind him, 2016 looks to be a legitimate breakout for the young lefty.

Taijuan Walker, Seattle Mariners (vs. OAK/vs. MIN)

The once highly touted prospect is looking to breakout in 2016. Sure, the breakout isn’t what everyone was expecting as it seems to be a mild breakout, but he’s doing good things. In Week 8 we’re looking at starts against the A’s and the Twinkies.

Walker is sitting on 41 Ks in 42.2 IP, with a solid 2.95 ERA and a 1.13 WHIP. Walker’s biggest blunder is his walks. He gives up too many and in his last few starts that’s been the problem, but fortunately enough for Walker this week will give him an ample opportunity to get back on track with two under performing teams.

Chris Tillman, Baltimore Orioles (@ HOU/@ CLE)

Welcome to the 2016 breakout party Chris Tillman!

Tillman seems to finally have everything in line for his eight MLB season. Going into Week 8 he’s pitching to the tune of 2.61 ERA, 1.16 WHIP and, what’s most intriguing about Tillman, is holding steady at 53 Ks in 51.2 IP. The Astros love to swing and miss and the Tribe’s O, as I’ve mentioned before, is bad, which makes up a very nice Week 8 for Tillman.

Rich Hill, Oakland Athletics (@ SEA/vs. DET)

The 36-year-young starting pitcher Rich Hill is making the most of his time in Oakland.

In Week 8 he’s starring down the M’s at Seattle and the Tigs at Stadium. Hill has been stellar with a 2.54 ERA and a 1.13 WHIP and much like Tillman he has a very nice K rate with 59 in 49.2 IP. Both Seattle and Detroit’s O have been inconsistent this year as they’re very impatient at the plate which could lead to high strikeout games for Hill.

John Lackey, Chicago Cubs (@STL/vs. PHI)

The rejuvenated John Lackey signed with the Cubs and has pitched like an ace so far in 2016.

Lackey has started 23 games at Busch Stadium in his career and has posted a ridiculous 1.93 ERA and a 1.13 WHIP. For whatever reason Lackey loves St. Louis, which makes him a great play this week. And for the second matchup he has the strikeout friendly Phillies, where he’ll look to add on to his solid 52Ks in 54.1 this season.

Five to Sit

Bartolo Colon, New York Mets (@WASH/vs. LAD)

Bartolon Colon keeps to impress at his age and … uh … weight. For what he brings to the table – an innings eater (there’s a joke here) – he’s serviceable in real baseball. Unfortunately for fantasy in Week 8 he’s a no-go.

His first stop is at Washington against projected starter Gio Gonzalez – no thanks. Once he leaves there he heads back to New York to face the semi-potent Dodgers who lit up Colon on May 12. But hey, at least he can hit the long ball now.

R.A. Dickey, Toronto Blue Jays (@NYY/vs. BOS)

Here’s the Dickey story: He sucked. He learned to dominate with the knuckleball and won a Cy Young in 2012. And then he sucked some more.

With that amazing  bio on Dickey being said, in Week 8 he starts at the launching pad that is Yankee Stadium and then has a home game, at the launching pad that is Rogers Centre, against the heavy hitting Red Sox. I’ll give it to Dickey, when the knuckleball is … knuckle-ing, he can be dominate, but it seems those starts are few and far in-between.

Adam Wainwright, St. Louis Cardinals (vs. CHC/@ WASH)

Adam Wainwright looks like a shell of his former self. Going into Week 8 he’s sitting on a 5.92 ERA and a horrendous 1.53 WHIP. Coming into 2016 and coming off an Achilles injury that derailed his 2015 regular season, there was a lot of hype about Wainwright coming back to his dominant ways – boy were we wrong.

In Week 8 Wainwright is looking to face a potent Cubbies O who does tend to strikeout a lot, but with Wainwright’s 5.4 K/9 this season, he won’t have that in his side. His next stop at Washington doesn’t prove to be any more of an easier matchup against another great offensive team. Wainwright has one game in 2016 with an ERA under a 4.26.

Matt Moore, Tampa Bay Rays (@ MIA/ vs. NYY)

At one point in time Matt Moore was considered a higher prospect than Bryce Harper and Mike Trout. Fast forward to 2016 and Moore is not even close to the ranks for the aforementioned players – let’s make that not by a long shot.

It’s extremely hard to trust Moore in any matchup as his numbers are as follows: a 5.09 ERA, 1.37 WHIP and his only win came on April 17th. He’s striking out a batter an inning which is nice, but between Moore’s continuous pitching woes and Tampa’s inconsistent O, Moore looks to be a lost cause no matter the matchup.

Drew Pomeranz, San Diego Padres (@ SF/@ ARI)

Unlike Matt Moore, Drew Pomeranz is having a great year, and what some see as a breakout year.

But let’s pump the breaks a little bit on Pomeranz as we enter Week 8. First off, he plays for the Padres who, as a team offensively, looks completely lost. Going to San Freancisco against one of baseball’s most patient hitters will be quite tricky for Pom. A visit to Arizona and their potent offense in a hitters park will prove to be just as challenging.

One-start SP of the Week Who’s probably on Waivers

Ruby De La Rosa, Arizona Diamondbacks (@ PIT)

Ruby De La Rosa is having a very nice year.

In his last five starts De La Rosa has a 2.09 ERA, 0.89 WHIP, and 33 Ks in 32.2 IP. He battled a few injuries and his start was skipped  in Week 7, which led to him being dropped by the few managers that owned him. Take a look, and if De La Rosa is on waivers, scoop him up for his road start against the Pirates, and keep in mind he dominated them already this year.

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