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The curse of Joe Bond strikes again. I’m telling you folks it is real. Every time I seem to really like a player, something bad happens to him.

One week after I give Hunter Henry props for having a fantastic game again the Broncos. He goes and has a dud performance against the Falcons, which was supposed to be a good matchup for him. He even suffered concussion symptoms after the game. It never fails.

This week could get real ugly for the tight end position. We have a couple of factors that could play into some owners having to scramble for a starting tight end.

First off we have six teams on bye, so we are down a few starters. Second we are dealing with some injuries. Those injuries include the aforementioned Hunter Henry as well as Jordan Reed and Julius Thomas. Also we are still waiting for Dwayne Allen and Eric Ebron to return.

Regardless we have to start a tight end, so let’s get to the Week 8 Rankings tight end reaction.

Week 8 Tight End Rankings Reaction

I will be using the standard tight end position rankings to determine who I like more and who I like less.

Who I Like More

Jack Doyle, Indianapolis Colts

I couldn’t help myself with the title of this article. Billy Madison was one of my favorite movies growing up (well still is).

Anyway back to the task at hand.

Doyle has been a beast since Dwayne Allen went down and I don’t expect Allen to play again this week either. The matchup against the Chiefs seems like a bad one, but it is just perception and I think it is affecting some of the rankings.

A closer look and you will see the overall pass defense against tight ends according to Fantasy Outsiders DVOA, is No. 18. Not only that, but the Colts have looked much better on offense the last couple of weeks since they made some adjustments on the offensive line.

Plug in Doyle and enjoy.

C.J. Fiedorowicz, Houston Texans

I realize that Brock Oswieler has been awful, you are talking to a DeAndre Hopkins owner here.  That said, Fiedorowicz has been pretty steady since coming on the scene in Week 4. Perhaps this is because Brock can’t complete a pass more than 10 yards down field.

This week the Texans get to face the Lions who are No. 27 against tight ends in the DVOA rankings. This makes Fiedorwicz a sneaky add and play this week. Especially when there are six teams on bye or you are dealing with an injured starter.

Who I Like Less

Martellus Bennett, New England Patriots

I hate guessing the Patriots game plan, but look ever since Gronk returned Bennett has slowly disappeared from this offense.

The last two weeks Bennett has played just 56% and 53% of the offensive snaps.

I know the matchup is good against the Bills. However, I just can’t get behind a player who is not on the field enough to make a difference.


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