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I am not saying that a squirrel stole the show from the Green Bay Packers but it did have as much time in the endzone as they did. Yes I know that joke is probably was overused by this point but these games were weird.

The early games seemed like no offense could reach the endzone while the late games were all barn burners. Ben Roethlisberger looked horrid for 90% of the game against the Baltimore Ravens but luckily fantasy football does not discriminate against overtime.

The Minnesota Vikings defense looks all too human with their offense becoming stagnant. The Dallas Cowboys continue to roll while the Kansas City Chiefs stalled without Alex Smith, I will let you decided the irony in KC.

As owners look towards a playoff run this was a week where they will need to be careful. There were some fluke games while others are a sign of things to come. So let’s get into this week top fantasy football headlines.

Week 9 Fantasy Football Headlines

An Oakland Domination

184 yards and no touchdowns. Not exactly sexy number for a quarterback but do not let the numbers fool you, Derek Carr played like an elite quarterback Sunday night. He faced a stout Denver Broncos defense and did not flinch.

I know I pointed out how impressed I was with the Oakland Raiders and Carr last week but any owners and the fence need not worry anymore. Putting aside a below average fantasy game from Carr the main takeaway was the running game.

Oakland’s offensive line bullied their way to over 200 rushing yards and while the next few games against the Houston Texans and Carolina Panthers should not worry owners. This offense is elite and a porous defense only makes them all the more appealing to fantasy owners.

Fact or Fiction?

Colin Kaepernick- 398 yards and two touchdowns

C’mon he was playing the New Orleans Saints. Of course this is a one off game, do not expect numbers even close to this in the coming weeks.

Melvin Gordon- 196 rushing yards and one touchdown

Time for a lukewarm take. Gordon is the second best running back in the league. His production has not slowed down all year nor should anyone expect it too. If the Chargers had a winning record Gordon would be up there with Tom Brady, Matt Ryan, and Derek Carr for MVP.

Mike Wallace- Four catches for 124 yards and one touchdown

124 minus 95 equals 29. That’s 29 yards on three catches taking away his 95 yard catch and run for a touchdown. Wallace is one of the biggest hit or miss fantasy players. He hit this week and should this Thursday against the Cleveland Browns as well.

Jason Witten- Eight catches for 134 yards and one touchdown

As much as I respect Witten as a player his best games are behind him. This may seem like a comeback game but he had more than 50 receiving yards once before this week. File this under “Playing the Browns”.

Rapid Fire Headlines

The Carolina Panthers defense had another great showing, they are getting closer to be trustworthy week to week but for now keep them as a streaming option.

Who would have thought the Kansas City Chiefs would have an even more boring offense with Nick Foles replacing Alex Smith? Certainly now me as Foles at least took chances downfield last week. This offense is just wasting Travis Kelce, and Jeremy Maclin (who left the game injured).

Marcus Mariota is a great fantasy quarterback but is still prone to mistakes. As long as he keeps running that should not affect his fantasy totals too much. If you need a QB, Mariota is the guy to get.

While Jay Ajayi did not have 200 rushing yards he still did eclipse 100 yards. He is here to stay as an RB1.

Well if you were confused by the Saints’ backfield then this game did not help at all. Ingram had a spectacular game, posting nearly 30 fantasy points. Maybe this will be his breakout game or he will fumble away his opportunity again. Keep Ingram and Tim Hightower if you have them and see how this unfolds in the coming weeks.

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