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Before we dig into the Week 9 Fantasy Football rankings, let’s examine where we’re at in the Fantasy season.

We just got through a six-team bye week, and you hopefully finished with more wins than losses during the one of the toughest weeks.

Fortunately, the fact you are reading articles about rankings means you are a diligent Fantasy owner, and you are likely ahead of the lazier players in your league. You probably already stocked your Fantasy team with decent bye-week replacements, making the Week 8 and Week 9 (another six teams on byes) much less painful than your brethren.

We’re without the Bears, Bengals, Cardinals, Redskins, Patriots and Texans in Week 9, which means we’re going to be without several very good running back options. From David Johnson, Jordan Howard and Lamar Miller to the Bengals’ duo, there will be some holes at this position in nearly everyone’s lineup.

For those of you that are getting back many starters from the 49ers, Dolphins, Giants, Rams, Ravens and Steelers, you should keep on the lookout for players that might get cut as owners need to make room in their lineup.

Keep on the lookout for players from the Week-9 bye teams, like the quarterbacks, tight ends, kickers and defenses, as teams refuse to cut depth at RB and WR, choosing instead to dump their borderline Fantasy starters. Those “borderline” starters could very well be better than your current borderline starter at that same position.

Look on the waiver wire for Andy Dalton, Carson Palmer, Martellus Bennett, Tyler Eifert, Zach Miller, Chandler Catanzaro, Stephen Gostkowski, Cardinals defense, Patriots defense and Texans defense.

SCFE’s Staff Week 9 Fantasy Football Rankings

The “So-Called Fantasy Experts” shared their Week 9 Fantasy Football Rankings, but it’s up to you to go out there and crush the competition!

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