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As I was working on the Week 9 Pitching Planner, I was left wondering a few things…

I have been traveling for most of the month, and I don’t know how these guys do it.

I just landed in Orlando, from Dublin, and all of the jet lag hit me.

These guys fly from NYC to LA, to SF, to COL, and then back NYC all the time.

I guess the $100 million probably helps. Here we go with the Week 9 Pitching Planner.

Week 9 Pitching Planner

*This article will be broken down by start’em/sit’em (two-start pitchers) and start’em/sit’em (one-start pitchers)



Ariel Miranda, SEA (at COL, vs TB) (LHP)


Miranda has been terrible this year, and he doesn’t need to be on your standard team. Touting a 4.22 ERA and the fact he has gone 5.2 innings or less in 7 of 10 games. Sitting him this week should be easy as he heads up to Coors field this week. That start alone could ruin your WHIP and ERA. IN his last five starts away from home, he has allowed 16 R, six HRs and has walked 11. Right now, the Rockies rank second in total offense and are going to make a mockery of Miranda this week.

Charlie Morton, HOU (at MIN, at Tex) (RHP)

Morton’s revival might be done. Morton has allowed 13 R in the last four games. That will not help you or your Fantasy team. Morton will face the Twins and the Rangers this week, all the while touting a 4.02 ERA. The Twins are hot again and still hold on to the lead in the AL Central. The Twins have won 7 of 10, and show no signs of slowing down. They scored 50 R in that timeframe as well.

The Rangers just came off a 10 game win streak, so we know how good they can be when they are clicking. Morton has been solid so far this year however, I would sit him this week and feel pretty good about it.

Jesse Hahn, OAK (at CLE, vs WSH) (RHP)

Not only did Hahn give up four runs to Seattle, he then turned around and gave Miami a five spot in two innings of work. This is the most sit-able player ever. In his last five games, four of them have resulted in at least a four spot. With Cleveland staying warm and scoring three or more runs in the last 10 of 12 games, this does not sound like a QS situation. Washington is coming into town; you do not want him starting for you this week. The Nats have the best

Washington is coming into town; you do not want him starting for you this week. The Nats have the best offense in the league right now and have been for most of the year thus far. The Nats have won five of six and are going to kill it in this match up.




Robbie Ray, ARI  (at PIT, at Mia) (RHP)

Ray has been solid his last few starts, throwing 14.2 innings with four hits and 15 Ks. This week he faces the Pirates and the Marlins. Both offenses are not great, as the Pirates rank 23rd and the Marlins rank 24th. Ray brings in a 3.34 ERA and has struck out 35 guys in his last five games. Ray is a must-start this week, facing two struggling offenses.

Tyler Anderson, COL (vs SEA, at SD) (LHP)


Anderson’s last two away games have been what you would expect: 15 innings, three runs and 14 Ks. I love a few of the Rockies, as they would be borderline ace pitchers in other parks. Anderson is a guy who I would toss into that conversation.

This week Tyler faces Seattle and San Diego. Seattle will be the harder of the two, as it is in Coors. However, Seattle has scored nine runs in eight games; with all but one of those games being shutouts or one runs games. If Anderson can get going early, he should be able to squeeze out a QS.

Then Tyler goes on the road to joust with the Padres. This game should be light work as the Padres are a terrible team. They rank last in hits, last in runs and eighth in strikeouts. Start Mr. Anderson as if he’s “the one” this week.

Jose Berrios, MIN (vs HOU, at LAA) (RHP)


Berrios has been gold over his three starts this year, touting 22 Ks and a 1.66 ERA. The first of the set will be vs. the Astros. In 6 out of the last 10 games, the Astros have failed to score more than three runs. This game will not be easy for Berrios as the Astros are one of the better offenses in the league. However, he has the pedigree to come out with a QS.

Then Mike Trout and the Angels await his arrival. The Angels have a pretty mediocre team all around, and if you remove Trout, they are the worst team in the league. They have lost 6 of their last 10, so consider this the start of the week.




Jose Quintana, CHW (vs. BOS) (LHP)

Jose just put up an eight spot. Now, I don’t know about you, but that start lost me both ratios last week. Jose has not been himself this year, as he sports a 4.82 ERA. Jose has also given up 16 runs in his last four games. With the Boston showdown coming, I would sit him if possible.

I get it if you have to start him. However, when he faced good teams like the Twins, D-Backs, Tigers, and Orioles, he has allowed at least three runs. Boston just put up 50 R in the last seven days. Stay away if possible.

Jeff Samardzija, SF (vs. WSH) (RHP)


Jeff has been pretty solid so far this month. To date, he only has one non-QS and has 44 Ks. Jeff is another player you might be able to start not ruin your week, but I would not take the chance with Washington coming into town. Jeff has four games of four or more runs, and four games with three runs, so he has shown that he can implode at times. In his last start vs. the Nats, he gave up two HRs, six hits, and a total of five runs. Washington has the best offense in the league, and unless Jeff can keep the ball down, this game will be short for him.

Ivan. Nova, PIT (vs. ARI) (RHP)


Nova has been thrown in a tub of ice. Since the start of May, he has surrendered 45 H, 16 R and 15 SO. Two of those games in May were non-QS, and two more were three-run games. Nova is no longer super, and he gets a big fat sit this week vs. the D-backs. The D-Backs have been nothing short of great this year. Nova faced the D-backs once this year and gave up three runs, two HRs, and nine hits. That game alone raised his WHIP. With a Top 3 offense, they have won 5 of 6 and 13 of 18. The D-backs are hot, and you need to sit Nova this week.



Antonio Senzatela, COL (at SEA) (RHP)


If Senzatela keeps this up, he might mess around and fall into the Rookie Of the Year conversation. In 7 of his last 10 starts, he has a QS while hosting a 3.19 ERA. Senzatela faces Seattle at home this week, and you should start him. This matchup is a perfect one to exploit, as Seattle is a train wreck right now and just seems to be getting dominated in all aspect of the game. Oh, by the way, Antonio is going for his eighth win.

Chase Anderson, MIL (at NYM) (RHP)

Start all of the Andersons this week as I plan to make a quick stop at Anderson-ville. Chase is going against the Mets this week, and I could not be more geeked. The Mets have crawled into the Top 10 in offense, somehow. Anderson has kept teams like Boston, St. Louis, Arizona, the Cubs, and Toronto under three runs, and I think that he can do the same vs. the Mets, as they have lost four of six. Add him to your squad this week.

J.C. Ramirez, LAA (vs MIN) (RHP)

J.C. has only had one bad start in his last eight. On most host sites, J.C. ranks in the Top 20 of SP. The man has been excellent to date. Coming up this week, J.C. faces the Twins who have also been stellar to start the year. J.C. will not give you a lot of Ks, but the start will help with your WHIP, ERA, and hopefully, a garner you a win. Did I fail to mention that his only bad start was his first start of the year? You will want to ride J.C. as long as possible because he is one of the hottest pitchers in the game right now.


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