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Another week of the 2015 NFL season is in the books and for many Fantasy Football owners it may prove to be a huge fork in the road on their path to winning a championship. There are difficult choices in front of us that could have serious ramifications.

Will DeAngelo Williams continue to do his best Benjamin Button impersonation and be a viable starting running back in his age 32 season now that Le’Veon Bell has been lost? Who will the not so mighty Joe Flacco heave jump balls to now that Steve Smith is down? Does Jeremy Langford go Nuke LaLoosh and announce his presence with authority while Matt Forte takes time to get healthy?

We learned that perhaps the issues with Detroit Lions run deeper than just the local fans, right Golden Tate? We learned that perhaps I was dead wrong about Jonathan Stewart and Michael Floyd. We learned that Sammy Watkins having an Instagram account worked out about as well as the Mets’ bullpen. We learned the only thing less effective than Indianapolis Colts General Manager, Ryan Grigson is Jimmy Fallon in Fever Pitch.

We learned that watching Geno Smith play quarterback is a lot like watching a commercial with Flo from Progressive. Frankly, we’ve had enough. We get it. Lastly, Stefon Diggs continue to make our own, Travis Pastore look good. (You can see his article from June where he mentions Diggs here)

As always, there’s plenty of help on the Fantasy Football waiver wire but before you go out and grab David Carr, Malcolm Floyd or Vernon Davis make sure you’re making the right call on which players to drop.

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Week 9 Players to Drop

Let’s get to it. Rip the Band-Aid off and take a look at the players to drop in this week’s Reaper Report!

As always, we’re playing by Talladega Nights rules here folks. If you ain’t first, you’re last!


Russell Wilson, Seattle Seahawks

Apparently Ciara isn’t the only one Russell Wilson has decided to hold out on this year. She might be fine being in a committed relationship without any reward or payoff but Fantasy Football owners are not.  Abstinence from scoring touchdowns is a deal breaker in this type of fantasy.

Last season Russell Wilson threw for multiple touchdowns in eight games but has yet to do it once through the first eight weeks. Last season Russell Wilson rushed for over 70 yards in six games but has only done so once in 2015. Last season Russell Wilson rushed for a touchdown six times but has zero thus far this year. The only pattern more visible than what’s happening here is the one forming on Dustin Pedroia’s head.  The only thing Wilson actually has increased this season is the number of Google searches for the word, Nanobubbles.

(Side note: While researching the Seattle Seahawks and Russell Wilson, I found the most useless graph in the history of graphs, which you can view here. What the heck are we supposed to do with that?)

There are 22 Quarterbacks who average more passing yards per game than Wilson and 18 QBs with more passing touchdowns heading into Week 9. Wilson’s ability to take advantage of opportunities created by the offensive line and/or an established run game is where Fantasy Football owners reaped rewards in 2014. His nearly 850 yards and 6 touchdowns on the ground netted Fantasy Football owners an additional 7.5 points per game. That number, much like Wilson’s Q Score, has been cut in half this year (this joke would have landed if people knew what Q Score was), down to less than an additional 3.8 points per game. The Seattle Seahawks’ offensive line leads the NFL in sacks allowed, Marshawn Lynch hasn’t been his usual Beast Mode, Boss, self and until they realize Jimmy Graham isn’t allergic to Red Zone targets Wilson is officially a player to drop.

Running Back

Ameer Abdullah, Detroit Lions

A missing person is “a person who has disappeared and whose status cannot be confirmed as his or her location and fate are not known. The situation, uncertainties and lack of closure resulting when a person goes missing may be extremely painful with long lasting effects.”

If I was a friend or family member of Ameer Abdullah I would be extremely concerned at this point given the mysterious nature of his disappearance.   Franticly scouring the web, I cannot find anything that suggests a search party has been formed or that a report has even been filed.

The last confirmed sighting of Abdullah was in Week 1 of the Fantasy Football season in which he totaled over 90 yards and a touchdown. Since Week 1 there have been various rumors and anonymous tips suggesting Abdullah may have been spotted in Minnesota, Seattle and Kansas City but none of those rumors have been substantiated with any hard evidence.

The Lions are currently 28th in the NFL in average yards per carry, 29th in percentage of drives that result in a score, 31st in rushing attempts and rushing touchdowns, 32nd in the league in rushing first downs but 1st in the percentage of drives that result of a turnover. Unlike Jimmy Fallon’s once dead finger, this offense isn’t coming back to life.

The only logical explanation for how things got this bad in Detroit is that Jim Caldwell thinks the movie Varsity Blues is actual game film, has studied it and now thinks the Oopty Oop is going to take the league by storm. (Side note: This also explains why they have an offensive coordinator named Jim Bob Cooter)

Wide Receiver

Mike Wallace, Minnesota Vikings

We here at So Called Fantasy Experts have obtained exclusive footage of some Teddy Bridgewater and Mike Wallace practice film. As you can see from the clip below, there may in fact be some issues with chemistry between Bridgewater and Wallace that have translated onto the field, having a direct impact on their fantasy production.

Fantasy Football owners hoped Wallace could carry over his production from last season in which he had at least 50 yards receiving or a touchdown in 10 of 16 games for the Miami Dolphins. Unfortunately, we’re heading into Week 9 and Wallace has accomplished that feat only twice. Stefon Diggs has clearly supplanted Wallace as the number one Wide Receiver in Norv Turner’s offense and there’s nothing to suggest this won’t be the case for the remainder of the season.

The Minnesota Vikings simply don’t have the type of offense that can support two viable Fantasy Football wide receivers. The team ranks 26th in the NFL in yards per play, 28th in both pass attempts and first downs and is tied for last in passing touchdowns.

After walking away from Week 8 with zero catches for zero yards it’s fair to wonder if Mike Wallace looks back at his time as the number one target for Ben Roethlisberger and the Pittsburgh Steelers much like Uncle Rico remembers his high school days.

Tight End

Jordan Cameron, Miami Dolphins

Jordan Cameron is owned in roughly 55 percent of CBS leagues and over 70 percent of leagues on Yahoo. My question is, why?

Jordan Cameron is the Wayne Brady of Tight Ends. He had that one year when he burst onto the scene, was an immediate hit and we all thought it would translate into superstardom.

Fast forward to 2015 and the only memorable thing about either guy is an old YouTube clip of them pretending to be something they’re not.

(Disclaimer: Clip is Not Safe For Work due to language)

Cameron is averaging less than 6 targets per game to go along with his robust 37 yards per game average and one touchdown, in what has been one of the most inefficient offenses in the NFL. I could be talked into streaming Cameron in Week 9 against the Buffalo Bills if you truly don’t have any better options available but after that, he’s a player to drop.

Frankly, I half expect current Miami Dolphin’s Head Coach and former Tight End, Dan Campbell to suit up and insert himself into the starting lineup ahead of Cameron.

Honorable Mention: I’m giving these guys another week or so

  • Jason Witten, TE, Dallas Cowboys
  • Kendall Wright, WR, Tennessee Titans
  • Vincent Jackson, WR, Tampa Bay Buccaneers
  • Melvin Gordon, RB, San Diego Chargers

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