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Week 9 Stock Report: Keep The Faith

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So the phrase Keep The Faith kept popping into my head this week.

Perhaps it was the synagogue shooting in Pittsburgh. Perhaps it was the sight and striking irony of the line of costumed kids wrapping around the block from a church entrance on the pagan holiday of Halloween. Maybe it was the fact that I changed the lede for this week’s column half a dozen times and knew I just had to keep the faith that I would come up with something. Or knowing my affinity for Ed Norton movies, I couldn’t resist thinking of the closely named movie with Jenna Elfman and Ben Stiller. But I don’t think that was the reason why the phrase keep the faith kept popping into my head.

Truth is that while its subjective, I don’t think I’m a very observant or religious person. The reason to keep the faith was far more personal. I think it was because I had quite the rough week personally. It included among the many low-lights my car being impounded, a stiff neck that lasted days, and my wife suffering a severe head injury late in the week. And all I could think of was I just need to keep the faith because better weeks were ahead. Sounds a little like Fantasy football, no?

Which is my reminder that whether you are buying or selling players, keep the faith. Not necessarily in those players, but that sooner or later, Fantasy success will come. Because I promise you it will. In my primary league for example, two teams that have nearly clinched a spot NOT in the playoffs have still managed to recently secure weekly high scorer.

So let’s look at who you should possibly buy or sell this week.

Week 9 Stock Report

Stock Rising

DJ Moore, WR, Carolina Panthers

Yes, Calvin Ridley is still the rookie WR you want to own, but Moore is quickly closing the gap. Against a tough Baltimore secondary this past week he grabbed five catches for 90 yards. His next two weeks are against the Bucs and Steelers, both Top 7 most generous secondaries in giving up receiver Fantasy points. And in the key FFL playoff weeks of 15 and 16 he plays Atlanta and New Orleans, currently the third and first most generous.

Buy Moore now if you can.

Greg Olsen, TE, Carolina Panthers

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I suggest buying Moore because he’s probably a little cheaper than Greg Olsen. Both have the same soft schedule. However, despite not playing weeks 2 through 5, Olsen, unlike Moore, has found the end zone three times already this season. And unlike Moore, Olsen has three 1,000-yard seasons under his belt already. The window to buy Olsen is closing quickly if it hasn’t already.

Elijah McGuire, RB, New York Jets

Yet the window is still likely open for Elijah McGuire, who should be owned in all 14-team leagues and might be owned in smaller leagues as well.  The Jets appear to be a mess right now. But with Bilal Powell now on IR and Isaiah Crowell coming off one of his worst games, the opportunity is there for McGuire. The Jets are flying into Miami, who are giving up the fourth-most Fantasy points to opposing running backs. Don’t be surprised if McGuire grabs the leads back role with the Jets and pun intended, runs with it.


Stock Falling

Nelson Agholor and Alshon Jeffrey, WR, Philadelphia Eagles

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I know; these are obvious choices. But just because it’s obvious, doesn’t mean their stock is dropping less. And with my “keep the faith” difficult week, I’ll admit that I wasn’t even aware that Golden Tate was traded to the Eagles until November 1st. Either way, if you’re a WR and your team acquires a WR that is currently a top-20 Fantasy WR, your stock is going to drop.

Jameis Winston, QB, Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Another obvious selection, I know. But there are still some owners in redraft leagues out there trying to keep the faith on Winston. Don’t. I wouldn’t own Winston in a 30-team redraft league! He’s not even in a “sell” in a redraft league, because that implies you could get something for him. I doubt you will.

Players sometimes simply have bad years. And Winston’s ten interceptions in just four games so far certainly qualifies. But this is about more than poor performance. Winston has not exactly been a boy scout since the Bucs drafted him. But the bigger concern for Winston owners is that his team option for 2019 is guaranteed for injury only. It makes zero sense for the Bucs to risk putting Winston on the field. Of course in a keeper or dynasty league, Winston likely still has some value. And it might even be worth acquiring him as his stock has hit rock bottom.

Robert Woods, WR, Los Angeles Rams

Surprise! I was sick of the obvious choices too, so yes, I’m going with Woods who remains a Top 15 wide receiver. Yet his stock is dropping ever so slightly as his yardage totals have dipped each of the last two weeks. Of course, the return of Cooper Kupp is another reason that Woods stock is taking a dip. Yet I would never have owned shares of Woods in the first place. In five NFL seasons, Woods has yet to notch 800 yards or six touchdowns in a season. On a team with Todd Gurley and Brandin Cooks, why do you think he suddenly will?




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