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Why Do Pitchers Matter More in Daily Fantasy Baseball?

When traditional Fantasy Baseball players make the transition from seasonal Fantasy Baseball to the Daily Fantasy Baseball game, they usually take a little time to convert their knowledge into wins.

One of the biggest struggles they have is figuring out the value of starting pitchers, which is usually considered deep in traditional mixed leagues.

It’s easy to wait on pitching in mixed drafts, but it’s unwise to do the same in DFS games.

Why do pitchers matter more in Daily Fantasy Baseball, compared to standard Fantasy Baseball leagues?

This isn’t to say that the most expensive pitchers are what you must own. Instead, you want to load up on the pitchers with the best matchups that will offer you the most value – just like regular Fantasy Baseball.

3 Reasons Why Pitchers Matter More in Daily Fantasy Baseball

1. Higher Cost

In traditional Fantasy Baseball leagues, spending a fifth-round pick on a pitcher is the same cost as spending a fifth-round pick on a hitter. But in Daily Fantasy Baseball, pitchers cost much more than hitters.

As a matter of fact, pitchers cost about double what the best hitters cost every day on, and  So when you choose a pitcher, it has to be a good choice, or you likely won’t win – especially since your pitcher makes up just one or two spots in a 9-11 spots.

In traditional drafts or auctions, you have seven to nine pitchers counting toward 50-percent of your Fantasy scoring, as opposed to one or two pitchers accounting for 50-percent or more of your scoring in Daliy.

2. More Chances to Screw Up

Hitters get about four or five chances to do something good or bad.

Pitchers get about 60-110 chances to do something good or bad.

Pitchers start the game with a zero ERA, no walks and no hits allowed. It’s pretty much all downhill from there. Granted, you’re hoping the strikeouts and innings pitched tally more points than whatever hits/walks/earned runs deduct. But you’re desperate for the win, so on every pitch, you’re praying for nothing to happen.

You need a good pitcher on that day more than you need a good hitter.

3. Short-Term Health is More Important Than Long-Term

Traditional Fantasy owners know that while hitters and pitchers might get injured at about the same rate, an injured pitcher takes much longer – on the average – than an injured hitter.

In Daily Fantasy Baseball, you don’t have to be as reluctant to spend big on a pitcher because you don’t need him to pitch 36 starts for you this season. You just need one good start.

Have I successfully convinced you that pitchers matter more in Daily Fantasy Baseball games than in traditional Fantasy leagues?

I hope so – or else your stay in DFS might be a short one!

Madison Bumgarner Photo Credit: Art Siegel

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