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Look, it’s early June and unless you are one of those Fantasy Football diehards, you probably aren’t thinking about Fantasy Football. Well, lucky for you I am and I’m here to tell you why you need to draft Christian McCaffrey.

Recently, we held an early So-Called Fantasy Experts mock draft for our beloved readers. The draft featured 12 teams. As luck (or n0t) would have it, your hero had the 12th pick. Which means that I will be reaching for players since I won’t see a selection for a long time.

At pick 1.12 I took Michael Thomas. Which in itself is fine considering Brandin Cooks is now gone and the targets have to go somewhere in a pass-happy Saints offense.

However, at 2.1 I took Christian McCaffrey. One thing about at drafting at the turn, is you end up reaching for the guy you want. I felt that at no point would McCaffrey come back around to me in the third round.

As of June 8, McCaffrey has an ADP on MFL 10’s of 33.63. So let’s get to it.

Why you need to draft Christian McCaffrey

  • Believe it or not, the Panthers finished 10th in rushing last year. If John Stewart can rush for 3.8 yards a carry, you can bet your assets that Christian McCaffrey can do this as well. As a team, they ranked seventh in the NFL for attempts per game while averaging 4.0 yards per attempt. They were also 10th in the NFL in rushing touchdowns.


  • What about Cam Newton and Tubby Mike Tolbert who could vulture touchdowns? In the word’s of Charles Barkley, “I’m not scurred!” (I don’t know if he actually said that). It is my opinion that the Panthers want to keep Cam Newton healthy. Part of that is limiting Cam’s rushing attempts, especially near the goal line. Enter Christian McCaffrey. Sure he isn’t the biggest back but I’m confident he can stuff it in there when it matters. Mike Tolbert? Puhlease!


  • No, he’s not Ezekiel Elliott and doesn’t have the Dallas o-line. To me, that doesn’t matter. Once again it’s not like the Panthers were a bunch of busters when it came to running the ball. Elliot and McCaffrey will be used in different roles. One of these guys is going to be used to catch passes out of the backfield. Hint: It’s not Elliot. Bonus round- If you are in a return yardage league, there are grumblings he will be used in the kicking game. (I personally hope not).


  • The ever evolving NFL. There is a reason everyone wants LeVeon Bell and David Johnson. Why? Because they catch passes and are used as receivers in addition to being great rushers. I think McCaffrey can play this role just as well as both of them and I think all three teams have similar styles. Big quarterbacks who they want to keep healthy and one legit receiving threat that is not a running back. Remember the NFL is a copycat league and I see a lot of teams throwing more and more to the running back in space.


  • He’s a rookie who is small in stature and can’t take the pounding bigger backs can. So? Some guy named LaDainian Tomlinson had a similar frame. Tomlinson was 5-10 220 lbs. McCaffrey? 5-11 201. So you’re telling me the Panthers won’t feed this kid through a straw to get him to 220? The body types and running styles are so similar it’s sick.


  • His combine numbers bolted him up the draft charts. As a Raiders fan, in the month of January, I thought we had a legitimate shot at getting this kid and I would’ve been ecstatic (I know we needed defense). Then the combine happened. This kid went from late first round to Top 10, seemingly overnight.


Yes, I’ve yet to see him in pads or a pre-season game, but as far as the underwear Olympics go, he has my attention. If these reasons aren’t good enough as to why I’m drafting Christian McCaffrey I think it’s time you look into male rompers.


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