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The start of the NFL season is almost here and Fantasy Football drafts are fast approaching. Labor Day weekend represents everything that’s good about Fantasy Football. In honor of you alienating your loved ones for random Fantasy articles, let’s go over some of the best wide receiver ADP values on ESPN, Yahoo and CBS.

Leaving early on a Friday, not going to work on a Monday, ignoring your friends and family as you scour over the latest mock drafts on your phone… it’s the best Fantasy Football has to offer.

Fantasy is all about value. There’s no such thing as a sleeper in today’s day and age so draft position is the name of the game. Drafting Dez Bryant, Eric Decker and Donte Moncrief in the right position may enable you to get an extra starting RB, or two, if you play it smart.

Hurry up and finish binge watching “The Night Of” and “Stranger Things.” Football season is coming. Save Season 2 of “Narcos” for a sick day. It’s Fantasy Football time!

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Wide Receiver ADP Values on ESPN

Wide Receiver ADP Values on Yahoo

Emmanuel Sanders82nd62nd65th
Torrey Smith135th108th124th
Stefon Diggs130th107th111th
Willie Snead144th111th115th
Corey Coleman174th140th132nd
Devin Funchess173rd125th137th
Vincent Jackson175th115th135th
Kamar AikenNot Ranked161st145th
Mohamed SanuNot Ranked157th163rd

Keenan Allen has no business being drafted as late as 32nd, but ESPN is traditionally risk averse and Allen doesn’t have the most healthy track record. Jordan Matthews skeptics are difficult to argue with but the reality is he and Zach Ertz are the only reliable pass catchers on that team. As bad as you think Matthews might have been over the last two seasons, he’s still accumulated 152 catches, nearly 1,900 receiving yards and 16 TDs over his first two NFL seasons.

Remember a few seasons ago when Odell Beckham missed time in the preseason so his average draft position plummeted? No, I’m not suggesting Josh Doctson is the next OBJ but he’s certainly in a good situation and is talented enough to take a shot on at the end of your draft.

Wide Receiver ADP Values on Yahoo

Keenan Allen32nd20th26th
Jordan Matthews75th64th73rd
Josh DoctsonNot Ranked131st200th
Dorial Green-Beckham181st171st187th
Danny AmendolaNot Ranked133rdNot Ranked

More people seem to have noticed Tim Tebow’s baseball workout than the fact Emmanuel Sanders might have taken over the No. 1 WR role in Denver. Gone are the easy Peyton Manning to Demaryius Thomas bubble screens. Sanders may already be a value at pick 60-65 but he’s going in the 80’s on Yahoo.

Willie Snead, Stefon Diggs and Torrey Smith are all candidates for a 1,000 yard season in 2016 yet all are going after pick 130 on Yahoo. That’s great value.

Kamar Aiken is possibly the number one WR on a team with Marc Trestman as the offensive coordinator. That’s definitely worth taking a shot on before pick “not ranked”. This makes zero sense. Take advantage of stupid people.

Wide Receiver ADP Values on CBS

Dez Bryant17th11th16th
Allen Robinson20st14th14th
Brandon Marshall22nd15th19th
Alshon Jeffrey31st21st24th
Demaryius Thomas43rd33st34th
Eric Decker56th39th50th
Donte Moncrief66th56th56th
Devante Parker104th77th100th
DeSean Jackson94th95th72nd
Devin Funchess137th173rd125th
Ted Ginn181st146th166th
Josh Doctson200th131stNot Ranked

CBS is higher on RBs than both Yahoo and ESPN, meaning WRs take the hit in the rankings. We find both elite level WRs, as well as bargain basement options available.

At the top we have Dez Bryant, Allen Robinson, Brandon Marshall and Alshon Jeffrey all being drafted later than I would have expected. For those who want to go RB with their first pick, your eyes should light up when you see these ADPs. Landing a top level RB and pairing them with Dez, ARob or Marshall is a hell of a way to start your season.

Mid level WR breakout candidates, Donte Moncrief and Devante Parker are both available later than the norm, although the player who stands out on this list is Eric Decker.  I’ve seen Decker go in the 4th round in numerous drafts this season and be accompanied by multiple owners uttering words and phrases they would never use in front of their Grandmother. He’s a value.

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