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Seeing a “Write For Us” page on most websites is like hearing a friend is moving to an apartment in your complex. You’re happy he’s there, but you know it means more work for you. But when you’re talking about becoming a Fantasy Sports writer, it’s a different calling.

The people that want to write articles about Fantasy Sports usually really want to write. Finding paying gigs are few and far between in this industry, so people write for the love of writing. They figure since they’re already doing the research for their own Fantasy teams, they might as well write and share the love.

Our site is an interesting mix of veterans from the traditional Fantasy industry, as well as those that have recently come into it from the Daily Fantasy scene.

What Can S-C-F-E Do For Y-O-U?

Well, we don’t pay. But we balance that out by not yelling at you – so there’s that!

What we do offer you is a place to write some articles, let your voice be heard, and possibly move up the Fantasy writer food chain. Read our “About Us” article to check out our backgrounds.

In the combined two decades of experience between Doug “Rotodaddy” Anderson and David Gonos, these two have helped several young writers go from freebies to paid gigs, including:

It’s not to say we went out and got them jobs – they did all the awesome writing, we just helped them make it look even better.

We’ll also work to get many of our writers into expert leagues, where you’ll get even more exposure outside of our website. We’ll tweet out articles and help you get more Twitter followers, and we’ll even watch your pets while you’re out of town.

David and Doug have written for free plenty of times in their careers – and they know how it can be difficult each week. We want to do whatever we can to help you out in other ways, which includes helping make your articles look good, getting you more readers and furthering your Fantasy writing career.

What Becoming a Fantasy Sports Writer Means

We want you to have a voice, an interesting perspective, a place to begin your career – and above all, we want you to help our readers win Fantasy leagues. Here’s what we need from you.

You need to know Fantasy Sports.

If you’ve only been playing this game for a couple years, maybe this isn’t for you — unless you want to write a series on being a newbie to the hobby!

You must understand Fantasy value, Rotisserie, ADP, and other basic items about the game.

We know we’ll get writers with varying Fantasy experience, and that’s fine, but we can’t have someone that has never been in a league that had LaDainian Tomlinson or Mariano Rivera.

You need to be able to right write good well.

That sounds dumb, and it is, but in other words, we can’t be your English teachers. We’ll certainly help you with style issues and help tighten up your articles for better consumption, but we won’t be spending time telling you the difference between “there, their and they’re.”

You need to be able to spell.

By this, we specifically mean player names. All of us, including myself, might screw up a Tshimanga Biakabutuka once in a while, but we need you to know how to spell Max Scherzer and Mat Latos.

What Will You Write About?

That’s up to you. We’ll have plenty of article topics available that we definitely need completed (busts, rankings, rookies, sleepers, waiver wire, etc.), but we also know we can’t think of everything. If you can come up with your own article ideas, that’s just as good – if not better!

Here are some details about the articles we want:

  • Word count: Our articles range from 350 words up to 2,000 words. With that said, the 350-word articles are about one specific topic, whereas the 2,000-word piece should be more of an epic discussion with tons of components. (In all honesty, we’d likely try to turn your 2K piece into a two- or three-piece series.
  • Blogs: We would love to have all of our writers chip in on short blog posts (100-200 words) on Fantasy stuff that pops into their heads. This could be things that happened in one of your leagues, a thought about a stat, a quick Daily Fantasy tip, etc.
  • Voice: We’ll have funny writers and we’ll have stat-heavy writers. We’ll have articles for the regular Fantasy player, the advanced player and the Daily Fantasy player, which could be a combination of both.

Whether you’ve been writing about Fantasy Sports for years of you are just thinking about dipping your toes into the job, we’d like to share your articles with our readers.

Becoming a Fantasy Sports writer is very different than other jobs. You’ll be treated like the weatherman, who only gets attention after he says something wrong. But then again, it’s always nice to revisit that criticism after the season.

Becoming a Fantasy writer can also be a very rewarding endeavor, as all of your work helps you and your readers become better Fantasy players.

Email us and let us know if you’ve written anything (Fantasy or not), and let us know your Fantasy background, and what you’d like to write about on SCFE!

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